little known is what I call my “company.” It is a name I like to use to refer to the work I direct with groups of people.  This is not a group of artists I work with continuously as a “company” may imply. There is a different collection of collaborators for each project.  Some are in multiple projects.  Nonetheless, little known acts as a nexus for collaboration, research and generation of work on the border of performance and visual disciplines.
The process of making this work involves composing and collecting poignant material that when pieced, layered, folded, blended and fit together has an inner logic. The work is often live performance in theaters or produced for installations in site-specific, non-theater venues.  
As a director I am unceasingly engaged with the task of integrating human bodies in motion with vivid visual design to offer a hybrid form that can speak as no other. I aim for a balance of presenting rich material that saturates the performance, while simultaneously creating a spaciousness for the audience to inhabit with their associations, ideas, imagination, and bodies to yield performance that is socially and personally relevant.
Some of the artists who have been a part of little known are: Ron Estes, Rachel Shaw, Claudia Esslinger, Justin Morrison, Frieda Kipar, Marielle Amrhein, Jessica Swanson, Sean Feit, Seth Beale, Mark Stuver, Sean Hoskins, Amanda Waal, Dina Academia, Christy Funsch
l.k.d.t. is under the fiscal sponsorship of CounterPULSE, an amazing community space in San Francisco.