The thematic motive for this new piece, “Incidental Fear of Numbers”, is our (American) cultural obsession with excess. As this piece develops we research the movement implications of abundance, magnification, exaggeration and need:  The quick fabrication of increasingly larger houses, cars, appliances; the perceived necessity for more furniture, densely stocked cabinets, storage space; the abundance of choice. The visual elements include installations employing repetition and scale to create a context to look at this mutation towards more. Within evocative installation scenes and using physicality as our primary language, dancers “tell” their stories, revealing complexities and commonalities of being human within this vast landscape of excess as we measure, quantify, accumulate, multiply, overindulge, and underestimate.
“Incidental Fear of Numbers” was shown in-progress at San Diego State University in March 2007, and will premiere in March 2008.
Players: Leslie Seiters, Justin Morrison,
Dina Academia, & Amanda Waal
In Progress
Incidental Fear of Numbers
Video excerpt from “Incidental Fear of Numbers” shown: Dina Acacemia and Leslie Seiters