Director- Leslie Seiters
Leslie’s history and training as an artist includes dance and visual art. During the last 10 years she has made performance work that couples visual design and movement to create environments that provide an opportunity for audiences to occupy space and time in unfamiliar ways. It is this potential for disorientation that continues to entice Leslie to make performance work.
Leslie’s current biographical wish list:
to participate in art that invigorates audiences by offering evocative material that is ripe for interpretation and rich with metaphor; to be involved in projects that challenge “default” modes of dancing, choreographing and performing;  to seek ways of communicating that don’t necessarily exclude written/spoken language but do privilege gesture, physicality, and bodies in motion; and to connect performer to audience, audience to their own imaginations and experience, and this art form with our current time in history. Leslie teaches and performs nationally and internationally and is currently faculty at San Diego State University’s School of Dance.